Atif Khan

A polished professional with varied work experience. Mr. Atif Khan comes with an in-depth experience in the capital market. He was associated with Edelweiss for the last 12 years thus bringing his in-depth global experience and astute insights to EarlyBirds. He has worked for various companies such as Edelweiss, Reliance PCG,  etc. and gave them a fortune.

What We do.....

Our strong policy is based on honesty, asking capabilities, and sincere satisfactory support to our customers. Our strategy is fully based on building strong relationships with our clients and clients for long-term relationships. Over time, we have created an independent character. We have a solid workforce to build a responsive business solution. We treat our clients and customers as the family, they are our kin. We always opt to satisfy each customer or client and never want to make them unhappy.

Unlimited Business Ideas.

We work to make your business start effectively working for you

Index Fund

Rules of construction that are adhered to regardless of market

Business Support

Components to run the business operations towards customers

Economic Trends

The ultimate goal of economics is to improve living conditions

Financial Coaching

Helping clients overcome their struggle to attain financial goals

Management Consulting

Analysis of existing organizational problems and improvement

Finance Consulting

Numerical assistance in sales and trading for various companies